Berhi Rutab (Wet Dates) Safawi Dates Shalaby Dates Dairy Dates Muskany Dates Sukkary Dates Sukkary Rutab wet Dates  Rushodiah Dates. Dates with Almonds  Khalas Dates with Sesame Wessali Dates Dates with walnuts Berhi Dates  Khalas Dates Dates with Cashew Saggae Dates Anbara Dates Ajwa Dates Mabroom Dates Deglat Nour Dates Majdoul  Dates Khudry Dates Khalas Dates Wannanah Dates Sefri Dates
Berhi Fresh Dates (Berhi Balah) Click Picture To Enlarge DATES: THE CHIEF OF ALL FRUITS IN THE WORLD
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